Monday, April 9, 2012

PLANTING: Tomato and Pepper

Since vegetable production in an AeroGarden is quite a bit more tricky than greens or herbs or even some flowers, I am starting off with a more detailed run-down of what I am growing.

I have one Tomato plant and one Pepper plant in the same AG Extra planter.

Seed brand and max height
  • Tomato: Totem Hybrid from Park Seed, Co.
  • Pepper: Sweet Mini Bell from AeroGrow (as pod kit)

Pod planting scheme
  • Front Row, end pods.
  • 4 seeds in Pepper Pod.
  • 3 seeds in Tomato Pod
  • Grow medium for both pods: AeroGrow sponges.

Nutes I am using
  • AeroGrow supplied liquid nutes, per instructions (8ml, 5.5ml, etc.)

What machine I am using
  • AeroGarden Extra

Sow date
  • Both Plants: March 19th, 2012

Date of germination
  • Tomato: 3/23 for first seed.
  • Pepper: 3/26 for first seed.

P+10 Days: Arrival
Not much. Just vegetation.

P+21 Days: The Tortoise and the Hare
Guess which is which!
This is an AeroGrow kit pepper so I assume it is right for hydroponics, but man, is it pokey.

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