Friday, February 7, 2014

PLANTING: AeroGrow Mighty Mini Tomatoes

Ok, so I have a new AeroGrow supplied vegetable project: The Mighty Mini Tomatoes.

Theoretically these are supposed to be determinate (bush) and reach about 8-10" high at maturity. They are tailored for the standard 7 pod AG7. I am growing them in my Extra, which supplies 3 lights instead of 2.

The labels said that germination would be 7-14 days. Everything was germinated by about 5 days. Here we are at about 20 days or so from initiation:

I have already had to cut out the extra plants. 6 pods sprouted 3 plants and the 7th sprouted 2. 19 of the resulting 20 (!) plants could have been grown to maturity. Thus far I have been very impressed with the vigor of these plants.

I will continue to update this post as needed.