Saturday, February 11, 2012


AeroGrow was recently promoting AG3s for Valentine's Day. Flower Kit plus Basil Kit + AG3 for $59.95, shipped. That's about 50% off. I got a white AG3 which, like my Pink AG3 and used 7, is sitting unused until I can get some spaces re-arranged to make room.

I picked up a Pink (ugh) AeroGarden3 from QVC, on clearance for $45 + S/H. Its new, includes garden shears and comes with an herb kit.  [FEB04: Pink Unit Still on QVC Clearance.]

Once I get some things cleared out in our breakfast nook, the 3 will do herb and flowers, the 7 will do salad greens and the Extra will do tomatoes and peppers. That's a decent salad. Except for the flowers. I wont put flowers in any salad. Period.
Yay! finally got it all cleared out. Now I am starting 2 new plantings. I'll have those blogs up shortly.