Friday, February 7, 2014

PLANTING: AeroGrow Mighty Mini Tomatoes

Ok, so I have a new AeroGrow supplied vegetable project: The Mighty Mini Tomatoes.

Theoretically these are supposed to be determinate (bush) and reach about 8-10" high at maturity. They are tailored for the standard 7 pod AG7. I am growing them in my Extra, which supplies 3 lights instead of 2.

The labels said that germination would be 7-14 days. Everything was germinated by about 5 days. Here we are at about 20 days or so from initiation:

I have already had to cut out the extra plants. 6 pods sprouted 3 plants and the 7th sprouted 2. 19 of the resulting 20 (!) plants could have been grown to maturity. Thus far I have been very impressed with the vigor of these plants.

I will continue to update this post as needed.


  1. I just got my AG7 yesterday and am starting off with salad greens and then moving to the tomatoes in a few months. Looking forward to seeing how they work out for you!

  2. Hi Andy, we are the distributor of Aerogrow in Europe and just opened our new webshop in the UK, Would you be interested in writing about this?

    Best regards,


    1. Hello Ewout.
      Your offer is intriguing.
      Please contact me at "andrew dot a dot ford at gmail dot com"
      Thank you for considering me.