Monday, April 9, 2012

PLANTING: Aerogrow Love Blooms

These are actually miniature pink Petunias. The are, so far, SLOOOW growers. I planted them the same time as the Basil and they are just now getting up over the pod label.

I have never grown flowers from seed so I have no idea how fast I should expect them to grow.

P+26 Days: One Pod is Picking Up
The back right pod has quite a few roots out of the sponge and directly into the solution. I assume this is why it is a little further along than the other two.

P+31 Days: More Vegetation
All 3 pods are growing but the back right one is still ahead.

P+35 Days: Even More Vegetation
You really can't see any of the pod labels now. A decent amount of growth in 4 days.

P+46 Days: Vege-gedden!
Leaves, leaves everywhere, but not a bloom to see!

P+57 Days: Bloomerific!
Wow! Here is what I've been waiting for! New blooms every day now.
Did a water/nute refresh tonight.

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