Thursday, January 17, 2013

PLANTING: AG Salad Greens Kit

P+3 Days
(Note: "P" stands for "Planting". So the heading refers to days since planting. Oldest to most recent.)

Way back when I first bought my AG, about a year ago, I also bought the Salad Greens Kit. But then I bought some Romaine Lettuce seeds and went with those. You can see my blog of that experience, if you wish.

I haven't done anything with my gardens since around August or so, when my pepper and tomato plants petered out. I thought now was a good time to re-engage with my gardens and pulled out the greens kit. I never took it out of the cellophane so I assumed it was still essentially fresh. The test sproutings of the seed batch were back in 2011, about 1.5 years ago. No telling what would sprout now.

Well, after two days, I am happy to report that 6 of my 7 pods have sprouted. Man, those greens are go-getters! I remember the Romaine took off quickly, as well.

Overview. Look carefully and you can see some sprouts.

Wow. All that in just 2 days.

The pods don't all have the same type of greens.

P+4 Days

I promise I am not going to be like some helicopter parent always saying, "Ooh, look, look! Look what my lettuce did today!! Ya gotta see it!!" I plan to blog meaningful events and milestones. Not just shove some test on the site just because its a new day.
With all of that said...

Ooh, look, look! Look what my lettuce did today!! Ya gotta see it!!

No, really. Now, maybe I'm just having amnesia or something concerning the Romaine I grew a year ago, but this stuff just seems to be shooting out of the pod. Keeping in mind the pix above, here is what has happened over 24 hours:

This stuff seems to be growing about as fast as my Genovese Basil, last year, and that stuff just sprinted the whole time. At this rate I'll have all of the lids off by day 5.

P+6 Days

Well, all but one pod now have their lids removed. I don't imagine I'll be blogging this planting for a few days. There are only some many different ways I can say, "Look! My lettuce is just a little bit larger today!", and just adding more "!" or putting the "@" sign in place of the "oo" in "L@@k" is just lame and frankly unnecessary. Once they are a lot larger, or something peculiar has happened, then I'll update.
Anyway, here they are:

Not so much to look at. Check back in a week or so.
P+13 Days
Steady as she goes. Leaf lettuce is pretty hard to mess up (unless you nuke it with nutrients). One of the included varieties is Red Leaf, so I suppose that explains this:

That had better be a "feature" and not a "bug"!

Otherwise, you can see that other than growth, its all just kind of moving along. I did add a little water today. I could have waited but wanted to get a little fresh in there.

A bit spindly, but I guess that's normal.

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