Monday, March 26, 2012

PLANTING: Garden Starter

I got the Garden Starter kit from AeroGrow. It is essentially a Styrofoam block with 66 holes, that sits in an Aerogarden7 with its regular grow deck removed.

I am starting Romaine lettuce, peppers and tomatoes for my father-in-law.

It was initially planted on the 22nd of Feb. Here is a pic from March 4th:

From left tow right: Romaine, Romaine, peppers, tomatoes. Both peppers and tomatoes are a smaller variety, suited for containers. However, my father-in-law will grow them in a regular garden.

As you can see the fast-growing lettuce is beginning to shade my peppers. I have begun to harden off the lettuce and hope to hand it over on Friday or Saturday.

P+16 Days: The lettuce has got to go!
Its going nuts. I was beginning the hardening off and was expecting to have the lettuce handed off by Sunday evening. However, we have had 2 days of wind, rain and cold. Its the typical last-gasp of winter in central Texas that hits around this time each year. It was fairly calm this evening, even though it was still sprinkling, and it was in the mid 40s. But I decided to put the plants out for a bit anyway. The lettuce and the tomatoes seem to be OK, but the peppers are a bit droopy.

P+21 Days: The Lettuce has Gone!
Plus I moved the peppers over. Its a little lopsided now. Tomatoes still doing well. Peppers have begun to recover.

P+25 Days: Tomatoes Thriving.
And yes, starting to crowd out the peppers.
I'll see how they are in a week. I might start hardening them then.

P+31 Days: Moving Day!
Tomatoes are growing like weeds and significantly impacting the peppers.
Just like the Romaine, earlier, Tomatoes have got to go! Taking them to my father-in-law on the 24th.

P+33 Days: Starter System is Finished
Well, I found out that my F-I-L planted everything from the AG, not just the tomatoes.
Hopefully the peppers will hold up. I was going to hold onto them for another week or two.

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