Monday, January 9, 2012

Structuring This Site

     When I start a particular plant growing, I am going continually edit the post so that all of the information associated with that growing will be contained together. This way you don't have to wander about the blog, as though you were on some crazy scavenger hunt. I will always begin the title of a crop blog post with "PLANTING". So that would be a good thing to search on to find info on the plants I am planting.

     Refer to the "Blog Archive" section, which will contain post titles. Since I will standardize on how I title my posts, this will also be a good way to find a post that covers what you want.

     I am going to try this with other things as well. Like general Aerograden tips, general observations.
So the bulk of the post entries should eventually be oriented around the crops I am growing and how that process goes. Otherwise, the tips, general info and other posts will probably just get larger over time. I suppose that if these other posts get too long, I'll go back and break them up into tighter, more closely related postings.

     Please leave constructive comments and questions. For example, if you are reading the tips post and you find that something is outdated or incomplete, or you know of a great tip. Place it in the comments. I'll address it. Who knows, your information just might wind up in the body of the post. With attribution, of course!

     Thank you for spending some of your valuable time here. My point for this blog is not to just spout off and electronically say, "Ooh, ooh, look at meeeee!" I really want this to be a helpful and information hub for all of your Aerogardening needs. To that end, when I find other online resources that I believe have useful and timely information, I will have not problems adding them as a link, or even promoting them in a posting.


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